What is Plasma Fibroblast Treatment?

Plasma fibroblast skin tightening is a low risk treatment, that eliminates excessive wrinkles and sagging skin. It improves texture and tone, giving the skin a rejuvenated fresher look. One of the great advantages of plasma is that the results are similar to invasive cosmetic surgery, but it's just as effective with a much less downtime.

How does the treatment work?


Within the dermis layer of the skin exist fibroblast cells, which  allow the skin to recover from injury. They are responsible for synthesising collagen and proteins that form an extracellular matrix between the dermis and epidermis. Epithelial and epidermal cells can attach to this matrix, allowing epidermal cells to join together to form the top layer of the skin.

As we age, less fibroblast cells exist in the skin and therefore, the amount of collagen reduces. This results in ageing of the skin.


During the treatment a plasma arc, similar to a tiny bolt of lightening, is produced using a plasma pen. When the arc hovers over the skin it fires a small flash and vaporises the moisture in the skin at the point of contact. The sublimation causes fibroblast cells to accumulate at the site, which begin to synthesise collagen and repair the treated area. The area were contact is made, shrinks and tightens, creating a controlled wound that penetrates into the deeper layers of the dermis, resulting in a reduction of the the skin surface.

Since plasma fibroblast treatment effects the deeper layers the result is a decrease in deep wrinkles and improved the firmness of the skin with its lifting effect. The accumulation of fibroblast cells and synthesis of new collages strengthens and rejuvenates the appearance of the skin over the period of 8 to 12 weeks, but in most cases results can be seen immediately after treatment.

What does Plasma Fibroblast treat?

Plasma fibroblast can treat any area of the body, whether this be removing wrinkles on the upper eye lids or reducing loose skin after weight loss on the stomach area. Please see our treatments list below, any area that has not been listed, please contact Waterloo Plasma for more information.

Eyelid Tightening  -  Includes upper and lower eyelid tightening, and can be done as a package with crow feet for £280.

Brow lift  -   Gives the eyebrow definition, as well lifting the eye area for a more youthful appearance.


Marionette lines  -   The crease lines extending from the nose to the mouth.

Frown lines

Forehead lines

Nasolabial folds  - The lines from corners of the mouth to chin.


Lower facelift - includes the lower cheeks down to the jawline.

Neck lifting -  targeting sagging in the front area of the neck.

Neck lines - focusing on individual 'neck bands'.

Tightening of the Jowls and neck -  Done together as a package to enhance the overall neck lift.

Improvement in skin texture - targeting areas of the skin with poor surface texture, such as acne scarring. The treatment can also target hyperpigmentation and sun damage.

Reduction of loose skin on knees, hands, elbows

Lines and wrinkles around the mouth - particularly effective at targeting smokers lines.

Loose skin around the stomach area - Very effective after large weight loss and pregnancy.